Ruby - One of Niko's soldiers - was sent on a mission, and faces deadly consequences when she has to admit that she failed.
Director - Andy Mikita   

Killjoys - Set in a future galaxy, bounty hunters (killjoys) are tasked with bringing down intergalactic criminals.


Intra Muros - Clémence, who is fighting for her boyfriend's love. 
Paranormal Witness - Marie, kidnapped and tortured girl's ghost is seeking peace
Timelike - Madeline Conrad will and has discovered time travel, disrupting the universe.
A Working Relationship - loosely based on Bertolt Brecht's "The Jewish Wife", the abandonment of a relationship. 
Handful of Soil - Nina begs her husband to abandon Solidarnosc to not get killed by the Citizen's Militia. 
Suicidium - Oksana can finally live out her dream of revenge. 
Bank of Montreal - Happy mother witnesses child's first tooth loss. 
Audition True Romance - Kandi is protecting herself. 

ROOM - Joy / SAVING HOPE - Dixie